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Unreal EP

Doctor Jeep

With a release trajectory spanning Global Bass, UK Funky, Halftime, Dubstep and more, the criminally under-appreciated Doctor Jeep has repeatedly proven himself a versatile artist over the years, with releases on tasteful imprints such as Bun The Grid, Tumble Audio, Aufect and his own label DRX.

Unchained is excited to be pushing forward his new direction in sound from literally the opposite end of the globe in Asia.

Doctor Jeep’s Unreal EP, consisting of three raw energetic dance floor tracks, could be one of his broadest statements to date, serving up a blend that tastes just as much of Grime and Jungle as it does Drum & Bass.

The title track, “Unreal”, a two-stepping vocal-hook gem, has already caused a commotion on Boiler Room and Rinse FM. Attracting the support and praise of Sherelle, Fixate, J:Kenzo and Jon1st to name a few, expect to hear this track echoing across bass scene on the regular.

“Clarity” is a collaborative project with Canada’s Tamarak (one half of Daega Sound). Whilst the track’s unmistakable ‘dirty roller’ aspect will satisfy Drum’n’Bass purists, its sonic elements ooze Grime and Jungle. Be prepared for a musical journey layered with evolving grimey wobbly basslines, 3-step kicks and jungly rhythms.

“Angel VIP” weighs in at 164 beats per minute and flows with buzzing energetic bounce, breakbeats and vocal hooks to round off an EP that is not only edge-driven but provides plenty of dance floor milage.

Release Date : 10/04/2020


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