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Whiplash |Angola

Few artists have been releasing music for decades yet still maintain their relevance with the ever-evolving soundscape we call electronic music. Enter Kabuki, an artist that not only falls into the cateogry of original junglist but has produced widely across the entire spectrum since 1996 – Drum’n’Bass, Leftfiield, Nu-jazz, you name it. Today, he also holds the title as one of most versatile game sound designers in the industry – not just “the guy behind the guy” for Gameboy and Playstation but countless arcade games.
Now, coming straight off the back of his recent collabs with Beat Excursion partners BSN Posse and Sinistarr, Kabuki comes out with a solid two punch release on Unchained Recordings.
Effortlessly taking the listener on a journey from dub to damnation, the A-side “Whiplash” is arguably the crunchiest dancefloor-drop killer of the two. Yet the B-side Angola could just turn out to be a timeless classic – it is as much a ode to Gamers as it is a halftime hook monster.

Release Date : 16/11/2018


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