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Frei EP

A trio based in both Shanghai China and Padua Italy, FRACTALE have been releasing with some of the most respected D’n’B labels in the
scene since 2015, including names such as Vandal, Ram and The Dreamers. With a growing catalogue of potent rollers and unfolding half-time beats, they now move forward with one their most diverse releases.

Whilst Unchained Recordings’ sonic heritage is less than a year old, this release reflects the label’s current trajectory: an EP with a balance of left-field and the unexpected, mixed with a healthy dose of dirt, bass and dance floor.

The title track, Frei, draws upon the influences of local Chinese pop music and hip-hop to deliver a 20/20 style liquid half-time club track. On the remix is one of the label’s champions, Subp Yao, who brings his own flavour of lawlessness and distortion to the mix. Rough is a combination of deep rolling bass, gutter funk and footworky breaks that is yet still unmistakably Drum’n’Bass. Then there is ‘Feel’ – a downright heavy liquid roller imbued with a textured cocktail of funk, organs and reggae. A tune that is definitely one for that 3am dancefloor reprieve.

We welcome Fractale to the Unchained family.

Release Date : 20/12/2018


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