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C'mon Badness EP

Subp Yao

Unchained Recordings invites you to download an exclusive copy of their upcoming release by Subp Yao.

Dutch native Subp Yao returns to Unchained armed with “C’mon Badness”, a no bullsh#t four track EP that, once again, flexes his creative and technical genius whilst providing the dance floor with unrelenting, artfully crafted waves of sound.

The EP begins with “C’mon” which combines low-end serrated baselines and atomic kicks to form the type of distorted aesthetic that Subp Yao has become so well-known for. “Badness” immediately follows – a hoover bass, halftime beast, that freshly reverberates with the good old days of 90s rave. Then both “Ok” and “Like” together complete the release. Trippy vocals, bombshell distortion and death-star funk are fused with masterfully engineered drums to drive a stake into the heart of contemporary club music.

With “C’mon Badness” Subp Yao continues to push the boundaries of modern electronic. We hope you enjoy.

Release Date : 11/05/2020


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