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Valhalla EP

China-based Unchained Recordings welcomes HØST for his spectacular debut on the label with the Valhalla EP. Four rich pieces of audio that explore both intelligent, rich atmospherics and devastating dancefloor bass weight.

Bristolian dark-light halftime producer, Harry Taylor aka HØST, forms part of the pioneering group of artists that, in recent years, have made the cross-pollination of Hip-hop and Bass an artform. Having demonstrated his worth on labels such as Noisia’s Division, Saturate and Vandal, he is recognised for tastefully combining multiple disparate styles in his music – often taking rich soundscape electronica and threading it with the likes of Trap, Drum’n’Bass, Dubstep or leftfield Hip-hop.
His latest EP brings all his influences together into one universe of sound. On the heavier end there is Valhalla and Still OJ. At 140bpm, both carry onerous
amounts of bass and are complete journeys in themselves. For the collector, they are undoubtedly some of the rarest, most broad-spectrum dancefloor gems on the label so far. Moving into more surreal territory we have Tron and Bed vs Lazy Boy – two Halftime cross-hybrid pieces of art with deep hypnotic hooks that are yet tastefully complex.

With no sonic template in mind and taking the listener on a deep journey from 140 to 160bpm, HØST delivers next level with a release that has serious shelf life for both chin strokers and dancefloor zealots alike.

Release Date : 24/05/2019


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