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Growing EP

Cole Edwards aka OAKK, comes from a generation of artists that know only too well that being ‘genre bound’ can be the enemy of musical innovation. Unchained is truly excited to be working with an artist of this ilk – a producer that has such a diverse pallet of sounds and rhythm the he is helping move our musical landscape forward.

Whilst OAKK has hit numerous home runs, such as his runaway tune Sleepless and the ground breaking Hysterical EP, Unchained asked him to raise the bar further – to unite his full breadth of musical influence spanning Drum’n’Bass, Dancehall, Trap and Hip Hop into a single multi-track release. His mandate was to push the envelope yet give the dance floor a reason to come alive.

Now after many months of passionate studio time and late-night ‘beat smithing’ this project has been realised. Aptly named the GROWING EP, we see new sonic territory for OAKK that still firmly carries his blueprint – a rich cultured groove, coupled with intelligent addictive hooks. The title track is one for the bass heads – its submarine deep bass and dub-infused halftime beats alongside the lyrical genius of RIDER SHAFIQUE give this tune the stamp of an official Unchained classic. Then again you may prefer “Public Enemy” – a tune which takes listeners on a tasteful ride through juke-infused dance floor rhythms and mesmerising Latin vocalisms. The third track on the EP, “Feeling So High”, represents OAKK’s true diversity and mastery of the craft. Floating in a sea of primordial dub, bleep bloops effortlessly converge with drum patterns and hypnotic vocals to take bass into a new space.

We hope you enjoy Unchained Recordings’ first release for 2019.

Release Date : 16/01/2019


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