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Heavily influenced by the heritage of early UK dubstep – including the likes of Benga, Skream and DMZ – Groves’ unique brand of Halftime is championing the new breed of low-frequency music emanating from the Canadian east coast.

Right off the back of his Exit Records Ginza EP and Astrophonica smash hit Hennessey Brown, Groves delivers an EP on Unchained Recordings that spells smackdown, with three tunes that promise to give any system a proper serving of bass weight.

Track one, VOTPW, is the EP’s stomping Halftime club march. With a dirty militant hook and infectious rhythm it echoes eerily like a modern bass-drenched version of War of the Worlds. The second track, USELEF, is a sort of bouncy 170bpm wifey alien dub. Driven by minimal infectious drums and the thread of vintage soul vocalisms, it’s a tune that is as much at home in a basement club at midnight as it is with your first drag on the bean bag. KINDA MAD is a tune that eludes traditional household semantics. Let’s just call it a multi-layered baseline headfuck that should not be allowed to exist.

We hope you enjoy what promises to be Groves’ ‘step-up’ release of 2019 and a new juncture in his path upwards as a producer of fine low-end sonics.

Release Date : 28/03/2019


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