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Dreams EP

Paige Julia

Whilst a well-known force in underground bass in New Zealand for some time, Paige Julia is now being embraced by the global music community as one of the very profound artists emanating from the south pacific island’s thriving Drum and Bass scene. Primarily working in the dark corners of jungle, techno, left-field and hip-hop, she delves into the magnetic fringes of bass and breakbeats in a way that is truly special.

Her Dreams EP on Unchained is a homage to Bass music’s time-honoured artform of intelligent analogue synthesis, where every visceral note oozes dark funk swagger and a level of musical mood that is almost sentient. Whilst her sub-bass aesthetics is a unifying thread, precise drum editing and minimal synth melodics centred around a modern jungle ethos make this release into what we believe is a masterpiece with no expiry date.

Whilst some tracks such as Live and Direct or Digit, lend themselves to the club banger moniker, the EP is a wholly satisfying combination of art, ambience and energy that makes this one is for the hardcore junglist, tastemaker and punter alike.

Release Date : 11/06/2021


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