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Dark Monkey EP


Coming across quality producers isn’t always easy.

Whilst we do our best to search far and wide for great talent, it’s not often that we have the right artists come to us.

One of the winners of our remix competition in early 2020, Ryo Odagawa delivered a spectacular remix of Subp Yao’s “Backwitda”. Producing under the moniker Fetus, the 21-year-old prodigy lives in Osaka, Japan and is fast becoming a recognised name in the Japanese Drum and Bass scene. His tune, Black Glass, was unearthed recently on our annual Lunar New Year-themed, “The Year of the Ox” compilation, and was incredibly well-received.

We’re now excited to be releasing his debut EP “Dark Monkey” along with Black Barrel’s stamp of approval with his remix of “Tar 11mg.”

The five-track release is a little goldmine of tunage that is yet another chapter in Fetus’s unfolding gritty narrative as an electronic musician and showcases the absurd lucidity of every note and sonic stride he takes.

The opening track “Tar 11mg” leads as the EP’s atmospheric rolling Drum’n’Bass belter with a soulful yet sinister touch. Half-time tracks “Depth” and “Dark Monkey” are both sublimely wonky yet punctured with club hungry industrial energy and sophisticated sound design.

“BOO” is an energetic 160 breakbeat trip with hints of electro, clinical vocal stabs and other elements best just listened to – we won’t bother defining which boundary this tune crosses – fuck it!

For the EP’s dirty remix flip we invited Russian boss and long-time Unchained supporter Black Barrel. Known for being able to make dance-floor bangers whilst hungover, blindfolded, using only a kebab and a small collection of broken watch parts, expect faces to get very unattractive when this remix drops.

Enough said // we hope you enjoy!

Release Date : 16/04/2021


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