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Flowrida EP


It gives us great pleasure to welcome back one of the label’s very good friends, Neve!

With his latest release on Unchained, Neve expresses more of his own well-crafted brand of concrete funk, militant breaks and modern sound sculpture.

At times the Flowrida EP verges on the edge of that classic old school feel, harking back to imprints such a Reinforced or Bingo, yet at other times it takes a journeyed walk across various branches of the electronic music tree. Unambiguously dancefloor, the EP spans halftime, mid-tempo breakbeat – with his collaboration with Samurai Breaks, and two tracks of unapologetically raw Drum and Bass.

“I just feel the vibe. If I want to make a hardcore thing, it’s okay. If I want to do deep, it’s okay. I try and include elements of UKG, house, reggae dub things I love. I’m just trying to find a balance of mixing together all the styles.” – Neve

A strong four track release, Flowrida has something for both the flourishing return to rave community and the young Junglist alike

Release Date : 20/11/2020


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