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The Fakeworld EP

Over the years Leo Severity has developed a reputation as an exceptional liquid Drum and Bass producer. Crisp breaks, jazzy hooks and stylish vocals – all hallmarks of his classic soul-drenched sound.

Now, accepting the Unchained Recordings’ challenge, he takes his sound into new territory, giving us some of his most creative output yet. To switch up the gears another level, he also takes Hospital Records’ stars Whiney and Royalston along for the ride.

The title track, “Fakeworld”, bends the traditional definition of liquid. It explores the ever-evolving universe of footwork yet delivers, in full, for a club sound system.

With Royalston on remix duties, the original and rework together cover very broad ground – the roots of liquid, the innovation of now and a taste of the dark roller sounds. “Broken Hearted” is a gorgeous liquid roller – as deep and emotional, as it is infectious. Finally, to round off the release, we have Whiney on the remix putting his best foot forward as a first class producer, taking the whole EP nuclear. He maintains the tune’s deep lush vibes, yet delivers a very tasteful dance floor wrecker.

This EP is as much an education in bass as it as an infinitely multi-faceted piece of work.

Definitely one for music lovers.

Release Date : 12/10/2018


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