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Unlock EP

Whilst pushing the creative limits of established musical tropes is by no means a new trend, watching the development of Halftime within the universe Drum’n’Bass is fascinating. At times this music lurches forward carving new sonic paths. At other times, it retraces, giving way to a resurgence of the familiar, awaiting a more opportune moment to capture the imagination of the next generation. It’s all part of a natural progression.

As the pendulum swings back in the favour of pioneers in Bass, Carlos Salgueiro, aka Dead End, returns to the scene with his latest EP on Unchained Recordings.

Whilst some feel that Dead End’s style is a hybrid of both the UK underground and the modernisation of the West Coast scene, it’s clear to us that his kaleidoscope of visceral arrangements, aggressive neuro textiles and hip-hop rhythmic motifs form a more intelligent style of electronic that is 100% homegrown. It’s primal…..it’s elemental…… yet it is genius – crossing both an animalistic place that resonates with any dance floor and sonically something that makes you feel like you can levitate.

His “Unlock” EP is loaded with dynamism, rhythm and texture that delivers on the promise of being fresh, cutting-edge, and swelling with sub frequencies. We won’t comment on each track, you have to listen to it yourself.

Release Date : 21/10/2021


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