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Nocturnal EP

As Ryo Odagawa, aka Fetus, reaches further into the universe of ‘progressive’ Drum and Bass with open arms, his soundscape storytelling and unorthodox brutalist rhythms continue to elude predictable genre-slot classifications.

Composed of four richly energetic tracks, the Nocturnal EP follows his debut Dark Monkey EP, released on Unchained in 2020 and which was met with rave reviews.

The EP begins with “Nocturnal”, a mammoth futuristic roller that is deeply visceral and pays respects to the modern-day big club experience. It’s an absolute banger! “Hyakki” is a wonderful half-time come footwork piece of electronic body music that is both dancefloor and leftfield. This is followed by “Ikuchi” – a rich and eerie liquid roller that makes its sonic journey across an almost extra-terrestrial landscape with riveting and creative vocalisms. The track is the brainchild of his collaboration with fellow Japanese artist, Braven – a live code music performer and composer celebrated in the Japanese Doujin music scene. Finally, “Tsuchigumo”, a spontaneous detour into both intricate rhythms and the surreal, completes the EP as a full body of work.

Release Date : 21/09/2021


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