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Explorer EP

With elements across the entire drum & bass spectrum taking clear leap forwards over the past couple of years, including a high-powered, spaciously technical sound revival, Unchained steps back for a moment to celebrate the deeper ‘vibes’ end of the bass chromatic, yet with a desire to always shift the shape of the genre box.

The legendary DJ Madd is one of those artists whose work continues to carry forward this re-mould.

Whilst many of us agree that UK-influenced dance music is centred around a conversation between the Caribbean sound system world, American Hip Hop, and British Rave culture, US-based DJ Madd ventures away from his classic dub sound to pay homage to richness of darker warm subs, the dominion of the kick and minimal percussive funk.

“This EP is going back to some of my dnb roots. I used to listen to a lot of Digital, Spirit (Rip), Amit, Loxy etc. Artists who laid down the foundations for the halftime sound.Those drum & bass tunes with strange drum patterns and no snare drums had a big impact on me early on, and this EP is a nod to that.”

With a wealth of production behind him and an incredible release heritage spanning hundreds of releases, his Explorer EP is a journey through this more minimal darker take on the classic dubby universe of electronic that he is so well known for pioneering.

Whether firing up a massive soundsystem dance journey or blazing up solo, this EP should make its mark on any card carrying ‘head’ out there.


Release Date : 06/05/2022


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