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Interview | Quentin Hiatus

Arizona’s most prolific Junglist Quentin Hiatus literally smashed 2019 out of the park with multiple releases on both Ram’s sub-label ‘Program’ as well as his own imprint ‘Free Love Digi’. No one really saw it coming and to be frank probably neither did he. He admits he just does his own thing and if it catches on then all the better, otherwise it’s business as usual.

Launching into his first release of 2020 with Unchained, Quentin gets on board with the label’s first Various Artist compilation out on the 13th of March.

Lyndon Jarr had a quick digital chinwag wag with Quentin in between lunch breaks.


Lyndon: So Quentin, how did your music career come to be?

Quentin: Hmmm, Music has always been important to my life but I’d say the day I got my first set of turntables at 17 years old. I bought a pair of Stanton Straight 80 decks – I mixed tons of UK Hardhouse and Hardcore at the time. I would stay up all night recording my mixes on a tape deck, listening back, adjusting, recording, again and again. I knew I wanted to do this and share it with people – which led to my first gig at a rave called Ménage à Trois
when I was 19! Haven’t looked back since.


Lyndon: Some artists work overtime in building their social media stats whilst others simply don’t give a toss, where do you sit in all of this?

Quentin: Ah man! I would say I definitely fit into the “don’t give a toss” category. I’m an introvert by nature and I love my hiding, I also tend to be more rebellious in nature, meaning I don’t enjoy status quo or fitting in as much. Social media tends to be very draining for me and unpleasant. In all honesty, if I could do my music without having any social platforms, I absolutely would. I’m working on that strategy.


Lyndon: Why “Hiatus” at the end of your artist name…..

Quentin: Hiatus came from a 411 skate video I loved back in the day, one of my favourite skaters at the time was talking about taking a hiatus from skateboarding to get his “stuff” together. I love the meaning of the work – essential taking a break from something – and the way it sounds 🙂


Lyndon: What are your fave artists right now and why?
Quentin: Derrick Branch, Gregory Porter, JuiceWRLD, Scooterboi and others. These artists spread across Hip-hop, Rock, Jazz influences. I’d say Derrick Branch is my favourite atm. His approach to blending Hip-hop with melody, emotions, Rock music aggression – it’s beautiful chaos. Plus the dudes a huge anime head as I am 🙂

Lyndon: What are your plans for 2020….
Quentin: Just to keep experimenting, stay healthy and keep music in my life, specifically, working with Unchained, Program, Ram and my imprint Free love Dig will be my focuses 🙂


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