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Mix Series 010 – Severity

After years of making gorgeous liquid rollers and releasing on labels such as Fokuz Recordings and Liquid V, Severity has expanded his repertoire by becoming a spearhead in the flourishing halftime movement. Starting with his successful Fakeworld EP for Unchained Recordings in 2018, he has stepped it up yet again with Hyperghetto/WYD2M, showing us how it is possible to explore outside your boundaries whilst maintaining grounded in your roots.

We are releasing this beautifully atmospheric mix to celebrate the release of Hyperghetto, pieced together by the man himself.

Buy Hyperghetto: hyperurl.co/hyperghetto

Dbridge – Mauve (Exit Records)
Hyrogliphics – Cheyhboi (Critical Music)
Zed Bias – Fever (Exit Records)
Stray – Bounce That (Exit Records)
Severity – Hyperghetto (Unchained Recordings)
Neve – Condensed (Unchained Recordings)
Itoa – French Cola (Bad Taste Records)
Lyndon Jarr – Zellwigger (Dreamers)
Jolliffe – Northern Shades (Soulvent Records)
Hyroglifics, Visages – Searching (1985 Music)
Severity – WYD2M (Unchained Recdordings)
????? – ??????
Alix Perez – Dark Star (1985 Music)
Dave Owen – Kiss & Tell (Smooth and Groove Records)
Halogenix – Don’t you know (Critical Music)
Alix Perez – Blips (1985 Music)
Fixate – Tweeked (Exit Records)
RFTV & Dave Owen – War Dance (Forthcoming Unchained Recordings)
DJ Rashad – Pass that Shit (Hyperdub)
Halogenix – Trouble (1985 Music)


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