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Mix Series 008 – Mountain

If there is a summit in Drum & Bass, then you will certainly find Mountain climbing towards it. Not only is he an excellent DJ, his polished and soulful music production is unignorably on high demand; with releases on Hospital Records, Med School and Soulvent Records (just to name a few) under his belt plus many more to come in the second half of 2019, this Japanese producer is showing no signs of slowing down.

1.Camo & Krooked – Loa
2.Culture Shock – Bunker
3.Culture Shick – Low Frequency
4.The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot
5.Bou & Stompz – The Abyss
6.Kove – Bearclaw
7.Mountain – ID
8.Hugh Hardin – Red Evening
9.Mountain – Deep Blue
10.Mountain – House
11.Joe Syntax – Fire Engine
12.Unglued – Deep, Dark & Dirty (feat. Nelson Navarro)
13.Au/Ra – Panic Room (Culture Shock Remix)
14.Wilkinson – Tonight
15.Smooth – Disco
16.L Plus – Bounty
17.Bou – Poison (Unglued Bootleg)
18.Lee Walker vs Dj Deeon (feat. Katy B & MNEK) – Freak Like Me (Culture Shock Remix)
19.Camo & Krooked – Faith
20.Mountain – ID
21.Makoto – Ygmyc
22.Degs – Poveglia (Whiney Remix)
23.Metrik – Northern Lights
24.1991 – Midnight
25.Voltage – Jazz Tickles (feat. Nicky Blackmarket)
26.London Elektricity – Drop Ship
27.Metrik – Want My Love (feat. Elisabeth Troy)
28.Metrik – Distant Shores
29.Wilkinson – Need To Know
30.Raise Spirit – When You’er Ready
31.Mountain – ID


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