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Mix Series 006 – Nevermind

This next instalment of our mix series is brought to you by Nevermind, a DnB DJ hailing from Seoul, Korea. Her articulate mixing and on-point track selection is what makes her stand out amongst the new generation of DnB crews rising out of Korea. She’s already been invited to play in cities such as Vladivostok, Russia and is a regular choice for local nights as well as support for international acts.

Gydra feat.MC Messy – Manifest
Kasra, Enei – Scraps
Droptek – Symbiosis
Ill Truth, Michael E.T – Hollow Game
Peyo – High Flight
Alix Perez – BXL
Screamarts – Tribes
Signs and Sks – Ethereal
Kasra – Ski Mask
Enei and Kasra – Projections
Riya feat.Nymfo & ZeroZero – Left Behind
Kyo & Break – Who Decides
Gerra & Stone – Blue Noise
Kasra, Bou, Enei – No Logos
InsideInfo – Mirrored
Nami & Black Barrel – Eternity (Fre4knc Remix)
Quadrant & NC-17 – Dub Central
Bad District – Pinger
Signal, Synergy – Duster
James Marvel, Abis, MC Mota – Bun Bun
A.Fruit feat. D.E. – Gonman (TMSV Remix)
Ground, Fre4knc – Supul
Gerra & Stone – System
Alix Perez – Blips
Bredren – Line Art
Amoss – Flat Spots
Creatures, Objectiv – Driftwood
Not sorry – Locked Doors
Alibi feat. MC Fats, T.R.A.C – No Lights
L-Side – Here We Go
DROELOE – Step By Step(Signal Remix)


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