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Mix Series 001 – Immuno

Unchained get its mix series into gear

Our inaugural mix is a wholesome selection of dirty, subby goodness mixed, curated and woven together by our Unchained Crew member Immuno


Fractale – Frei (Forthcoming Unchained Recordings)
Supb Yao, Razat – Limit
Lyndon Jarr – Zellwegger (Dub)
Lewis James – Nutso
Oski – Killa
Kiril – Take Back Time
S.P.Y – Mind over Matter feat. Inja (VIP)
Black Barrel, Nami Ongaku – Eternity
Black Barrel – Still Warm
Oz – Assasin
True Tactix – Mighty Zion
Kasra & Enei – 1000
Monty – Magma
Phaction – Signature Moves feat. Hugh Hardie
Lenzman – Paper Faces feat. Martyna Baker (Ivy Lab Remix)
Ulterior Motive – Jungle Jam
Dabs, Was A Be – Jitters
Spectrasoul – Fade Away
Trex – Trife Life (Ill Truth Remix)
Ulterior Motive, DRS – Hey Judas
Cern, Silent Witness, Survival – Tracer
Xtrah – In The Shadows
Spline – Injection
Cruk -Devil and the Deep
T>I – Rotations
Monty – Random Conduct
Alix Perez – Dark Star
Jubei – Incognito feat. Jerome Thomas (Skeptical Remix)
Rockwell, Alix Perez, SpectraSoul, Anthony Moriah – Montpellier


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