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Kabuki – Synth Workshop




OiL Club

车公庙泰然大厦B座L1-11A, 518040 Shenzhen, Guangdong

Animato Audio and Unchained are excited to welcome Kabuki to Hong Kong to present his workshop on modular synthesizers. Kabuki is a veteran of the German drum & bass scene since the 90’s, and over the years has produced all sorts of music from hip hop to footwork. In recent years he’s refocused his efforts from DJing towards live performance, and will come to us fresh off a live set in Shenzhen with Kode 9.

Kabuki will give a short live performance in the store, followed by an explanation of his live eurorack system. Next, we’ll dive deep on three topics listed below.

With with real-time demonstrations and plenty of opportunities to ask questions, the workshop will be of interest to synthesizer and DAW users of all skill levels, as well as fans of electronic music and sounds.

$100 HKD at door

Three topics covered in-depth:

– The Complex Oscillator Explained: ever since Buchla released the Twisted Waveform Generator, Complex Oscillators have become a staple of West coast Synthesis. We’ll take a look at the unique topography of this oscillator type, and check out some of the typical sounds it can produce.

– Function Generator 101: unlike standard ADSR envelopes, function generators are not limited to providing modulation sources for filters or amplifiers. They can serve as oscillators, slew limiters, comparators and even voltage-controlled clock divider. Let’s find out why a module like Maths is considered the Swiss army knife of Modular Synthesizers.

– Non-linear Sequencing: since the advent of music notation, scores were confined to a horizontal space and read from left to right. Non-linear sequencing is a new and inspiring way to store and retrieve pitches and voltages in a way where the Modular synthesizer almost functions as a musical sparring partner.

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