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Paige Julia

Paige Julia is a creature that lives on an island in the South Pacific Ocean that spends her
time tinkering with sound machines.

Her music is inspired by the many shades of underground bass culture, navigating the grey
area between breakbeat, dubstep, techno, dnb and hip hop.

Her summer is spent adventuring across Aotearoa New Zealand from festival to festival,
delivering the world’s up-front bass music intertwined with her own productions. For the
remainder of the year a whirlwind club circuit takes hold as she visits any city with a sound
system, keeping a busy schedule of developing music for performance and enjoying the
process of sharing the experience of dance, frequency and emotion.

As Paige expands her involvement in music culture via her affair with modular synthesis, LIVE downtempo and teaching others electronic music, she also continues her musical journey upwards.


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