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In his youth, Hennig first played guitar and completed a classical music education. Before turning to electronic music , he worked as a music teacher. His alias Kabuki ( Japanese for ‘song and dance’) he named after the eponymous Japanese theater . Together with the Frankfurt producer Mainframe (Frank Marheineke), he is responsible for projects such as Makai and Megashira.

The Precision Breakbeat Research label, founded in 1996, is considered one of the first German drum and bass labels. Already in the year 2000 followed the first international publication on that of 4herofounded label Reinforced Records . One of Kabuki’s best-known works is Makai (Mainframe and Kabuki), Beneath the Mask , which features unusual samples from Japanese-made Kenji Kawai ‘s soundtrack to the anime film Ghost in the Shell on drum and bass pieces high recognition value . The Megashira project continues to be one of the first attempts to produce Drum and Bass live. All the instruments for the pieces are recorded by studio musicians who accompany Kabuki and Mainframe in their live performances.

Together with the Frankfurt hip-hop producer Roey Marquis II , Kabuki founded the project MK2 in 1998, which was one of the first collaborations between drum-and-bass and hip-hop artists. He continues to publish in cooperation with other musicians under the project names Loner, Ono Sendai and Powaflex. Kabuki spends much of his time in Japan , producing inter alia soundtracks for Playstation games.

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