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What should the people know about HØST and how he came to be?

I’m from the UK, I’ve had a deep passion for music from a young age and was exposed to many different styles and mediums during my childhood. I got a laptop at around 13 which had an archaic version of Reason on and spent large swathes of time watching tutorials until I got to basic grips with it. I couldn’t make anything noteworthy at all but just kept working away more and more until stuff started to make sense. Music definitely worked as a release for me and subsequently, I spent a large amount of my time working on noises and new sounds.

How did you discover your passion for bass music? How did you get involved in the scene?

I predominantly listened to heavy rock and metal growing up, however I remember hearing the drum break used in Slipknot’s track ‘Eyeless’ and then becoming really obsessed by it re-listening to the song so much and trying to recreate the break within Reason. I was also at the time learning guitar and my tutor was a big fan of Drum and Bass, exposing me to Ray Keith, Logistics, High Contrast to name a few, from this I became a big fan of Drum & Bass and electronic music. Around this time I bought vinyl decks from a friend to start to learn mixing.

Shortly after this, I purchased Caspa & Rusko’s Fabriclive 37 after hearing Caspa’s ‘The Terminator’ on someone’s Myspace page. This Fabriclive I would say changed everything for me and changed my taste and directional path. This was around about 8/9 years ago so my sound developed and grew from this.

What drove you to begin making music, and how has your production process evolved over the years?

What has always driven me is a love for music I love spending my time doing it and I love spending time developing my sound and discovering new ones. I always find myself listening to songs and picking out bits that I love and then wanting to recreate it. This has thankfully become easier now with my growth as a producer and I find it easier to pinpoint noises from said tracks.

When I first started producing however, I always found myself adding so many elements to a track, not understanding that less is more. I think my process has now become a lot more streamlined. I spent a fair bit of money on synthesizers over the last 2 years and find this allows for a much more ‘fluid’ like style of production as I usually just lax back and play everything in live making cuts etc. in the post process.

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