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UK born Cesco had his first major release this year on 1985 Music’s ‘Edition 2’ compilation – curated and run by Alix Perez. It immediately catapulted him into the spotlight and earned him the respect of tastemakers such as Ivy Lab, dBridge and Noisia to name a few. He now continues the journey with two new infectious halftime gems on Unchained Recordings. Whilst the tracks are solid enough as a standalone pair, the addition of a devastating remix by minimal badman, Arkaik helps to form an EP with a fresh 360 degree view of modern bass.

Cesco’s release on Unchained, with the  title track ‘Random Adjective,’ is a subtle yet infectious sonically evolving mantra – trappy percs, rich textures and hypnotic hooks all demand 100% head-nod compliance. Track 2, ‘Spiral’, then follows by threading eerie cinematic atmospherics with evolving rhythms to form a lush minimal dance-floor ‘groove monster’. It effortlessly steers from halftime beats through to bouncing breaks to 4/4, then back again. Tunes like these demonstrate just how much Drum & Bass has evolved in recent years. Finally, Arkaik furnishes his own flip of ‘Random Adjective’ which, by all independent accounts, is a track more thrilling than Boris Johnson romping in a thong. It is a fine example of the current spearhead level of modern production – where dedication to technical perfection begins to elevate electronic music into a sacred art-form. The Random Adjective EP was custom built for the bass aficionado, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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